Data Breach & Cyber Crime Insurance

In today’s modern business world, virtually all data and personal or corporate information is managed and stored electronically. Whether it be profiles of employees, credit card information, sensitive demographic information about customers, internal information on budgets, customer lists, or personal health information; companies of any size face very real liability issues if this data is stolen, manipulated or were to fall into the wrong hands and enter the public domain.

Many organisations mistakenly believe their Professional Indemnity, Management Liability or Public Liability insurances cover these risks. However these policies fall short of indemnifying the specific risks associated with data breach and cyber crime, and organisations may find they must bear the financial impact of:

  • Being hacked, where electronic systems are locked or destroyed
  • Client/patient data (whether stored electronically or not) being hacked, leaked online, mishandled by staff or contractors, or held for ransom
  • Costs, fines and penalties associated with an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner or associated authority

Medisure’s Data Breach & Cyber Crime policy is designed specifically for these circumstances, and includes important cover for some of the more commonly overlooked impacts of cyber crime such as public relations and media management to minimise reputational damage.

This policy covers:

  • Personal & Corporate Data Liability
  • Outsourcing
  • Damages
  • Defence Costs and Fines or Penalties
  • Impose or Voluntary Costs
  • Reputation Repair
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Media Content
  • Network Business Interruption

To download fact sheets and application forms, go to the technical library. For a copy of the PDS please call Medisure on (07) 3184 5300

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Of people who had their data stolen will not deal with the offending company again


Of companies will go out of business within 1 year of a breach


Cyber attacks on healthcare organisations increased by 600% in 2014.

Policy Overview

Medisure’s Data Breach & Cyber Crime policy can cover the following:

  • Personal Data and Corporate Data Liability – A data breach concerning personal and corporate information
  • Outsourcing – Breach of data protection by an outsourced provider where the policyholder is legally liable
  • Data Security – Damage resulting from any breach of duty that ends in:
    • malicious contamination
    • denial of access attacks
    • theft of an access code to computer system
    • destruction/corruption, modification, damage or deletion of data or physical theft of hardware
  • Defence Costs in respect of any litigation brought by a data protection authority
  • Data Administrative Investigations – costs and expenses for legal advice and representation in connection with a formal investigation by data protection or other authority
  • Fines – Insurable fines and penalties imposed by a government authority, data protection or regulatory authority for a breach of data protection laws or regulations
  • Notification and Monitoring Costs – costs and expenses of the insured if the legally required and/or voluntary disclosure to data subjects is required
  • Reputational Repair of the Company and Individual
  • Media Content that results in an infringement; plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation or theft of ideas; libel or slander committed without malice; or an intrusion, invasion
  • Cyber Extortion – extortion loss incurred as a result of a security threat
  • Network Interruption Insurance – Loss of Net income (net profit or loss before income taxes) that would have been earned; if not for a security failure / breach.

Further Information

To download fact sheets and application forms, go to the technical library. For a copy of the PDS please call Medisure on (07) 3184 5300

Technical Library

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