Healthcare Management Liability Insurance

Managing risk is vital to the overall performance and success of a business. It is common for a business to insure tangible exposures like property damage or a breach of professional duty but neglect to insure against economic loss. A Healthcare Management Liability insurance policy protects directors and officers, employees and the company itself from exposures that relate to the management of a company. Specific legislative responsibilities attach to owners or anyone involved in the management of a company. An alleged or actual wrongful act relating to these responsibilities may leave an owner or manager personally liable – putting personal assets at risk.

This policy covers:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Company Reimbursement
  • Company Liability
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Trustee Liability
  • Fidelity
  • Business Crisis Consultant Fees
  • OHS & Pollution Defence Costs
  • (OPTIONAL) Company Pecuniary Penalties As Permitted By Law

To download fact sheets and application forms, go to the technical library. For a copy of the PDS please call Medisure on (07) 3184 5300

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Of employers lose employment related disputes.


Of Australian companies will face some types of internal fraud or theft.


Of employed people in 2009/10 did not receive formal OHS training. (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

More Information

What are the risks?


Alleging discrimination, harassment, wrongful dismissal or discipline, breach of employment contract, defamation and committing internal fraud (Fidelity).


Claims brought against a Director for misleading & deceptive conduct (Trade Practices Act).

Government Authorities & Legislation

Directors and Officers may be personally liable for breaches of hundreds of statutes (eg. ATO, ASIC, Trade Practices Commission).


Allegations a Director allowed the company to trade whilst knowing it could not pay its debts.


Case Study | Unlawful Dismissal

The claimant, a practice nurse, had experienced several disagreements with a contracting doctor. The claimant felt bullied by the doctor and started to develop physical symptoms such as panic attacks and sleep deprivation. When the claimant was certified as unfit to return to work at the practice, the Principal owners felt they had no option but to terminate the claimant’s employment as an operational requirement. The Nurse claimed that the termination of employment was harsh, unjust and unreasonable and wanted reinstatement to the practice and an amount in remuneration for the income lost due to the termination. A conciliation conference was attended by the Insurer and the Insured. A settlement of $17,500 was reached and the claimant’s employment was not reinstated. Legal costs of $22,000 were also incurred by the insured and paid under the policy.


Further Information

To download fact sheets and application forms, go to the technical library. For a copy of the PDS please call Medisure on (07) 3184 5300

Technical Library

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